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  • L-Glutamine | 500 mg - 100 Capsules

L-Glutamine | 500 mg - 100 Capsules

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L-Glutamine Supplement

Amino acids are important building blocks for proteins, which are needed for a wide range of important functions in the human body. L-glutamine is one of these vital amino acids. While your body can produce it on its own from the foods you eat, placing stress on your body can cause the amount of it to become depleted, but you can boost glutamine levels with the help of HipVit L-Glutamine supplement.

How does L-Glutamine helps you?

It will help to boost glutamine levels to support proper brain function by aiding in the production of key brain chemicals. Our supplement is also a muscle builder that is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, as bodybuilding and rigorous training can reduce glutamine levels dramatically. One bottle has 100 capsules with each 500mg of L-Glutamine FCC. A high dosage for faster results Get more out of your workouts and promote a strong mind with the nutritional support of a high-quality bodybuilding amino acids supplement that's made in the USA! Buy L-Glutamine now.

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