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  • CLA-1000 mg Complex | 120 Softgels

CLA-1000 mg Complex | 120 Softgels

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Best CLA Supplement

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA as it is sometimes called is a fatty acid found throughout the body and used to perform a number of important tasks. Studies have found that this form of linoleic acid  helps the body better utilize stored fat when dieting and exercising to aid in weight loss. In addition to weight loss benefits, conjugated linoleic acid assists with the development of lean muscle mass to help people achieve their fitness goals at a faster pace.

Lean Muscles and controlled weight loss

HipVit CLA Supplement is the ideal choice of  for weight loss and sports nutrition alike. Our supplement comes in the form of easy-to-swallow 120 softgels that can be broken down, absorbed and utilized by the body efficiently. Each softgel provides a 1000-milligram dose of conjugated linoleic acid with multiple types to provide a well-rounded approach to supplementation.

Benefit from the best CLA Complex supplement on the market! Order CLA-1000 Complex from HipVit.

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